The fountain nozzles of this series are the most used in the field of   fountains & rdquo; jet of water. They are in agreement with the output diameter of the threaded connection (external thread or even thread).

Their manufacture is based on a calibrated brass bar. They are endowed with one or two   internal breakers   (depending on the model) to ensure quality & o ... optimum water jet to the point of the height indicated by the data sheet.  

Their soft rotation spigot allows a maximum tilt of 20 ", for parabolic jets without the need for additional piecing. Small and medium sizes (from 4 "to 10" output) are suitable for indoor fountains, while outdoors, it is necessary to have formats of 10 ". 19 mm.

Product Features  

  • Powerful clear jet
  • Windproof
  • Independent of the water level
  • With flux regulator with gasket ball
  • Fountain heights of 0.5 m & agrave; 14,0 m
  • Can be used alone or in groups
  • Can be inclined & oacute; 12 & deg; in relation to & agr; the vertical
  • Comet's range of nozzles produces clear wind, wind and wind full flow.
  • Uncertain water level
  • With fetch adjuster
  • With seal & agrave; adjustable ball head