This efficiency A / C water pump fountain can be individually regulated and controlled via a DMX-RDM connection.
This makes it easy to create dynamic water effects.
The Varionaut 150 / DMX / 02 is delivered. with a10 mtr.
power supply and a 1 meter. DMX connectable cable & Agrave; a junction box. This plug-in connection technique eliminates the need for of a manual setting. Projectors and other devices (eg LED lights.) Can easily be connected with the DMX cable.
RDM-compatible DMX control can be used to retrieve data such as temperature, rotation speed, potential, or long-term life. of the pump.
The Varionaut 150 uses only 130 W and operates with 220-240 VAC with a frequency of 50/60 Hz.
An OASE WECS II 512 / DMX / 02 (not included is required to operate the Varionaut 150.

Product Features

  • 230 V / AC AC fountain pump for indoor and outdoor application
  • Suitable for wet or dry installation
  • Max. 130 W
  • 10 m of power cable with plug and cable of 1 m DMX with DMX box
  • IP 68 class
  • RDM - DMX capable