These "fountain nozzles" are free jet collectors that combine different tilts to achieve different falls. various heights.

They are equipped with internal breakers so that only one entry into the water allows internal distribution of pressure drawing circular crowns. different heights. This "fountain water jet" is in itself capable of filling a basin, small or large diameter, in accordance with the many formats available.

Product Features

  • Powerful clear jet
  • Independent of the water level
  • Easy & agrave; clean
  • 43- jet fountain.
  • 3 levels
  • Diameter of the 3 mm jet
  • Continuously adjustable

    This fountain is ideal in outdoor locations or water features & nbsp; help & nbsp; & dquo; Oxygenation of the water of the basin.

    Fountains are not only deceptive, they help you; create your own vibrant and inspiring water garden that adds a distinctive character of elegance and charm.

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