Illumination and electric current

Illumination LED MAG-LED

MAG-LED technology A NEW high performance LED, a more powerful beam projection LED. & nbsp;
The submersible LED lighting has many advantages: energy saving and maintenance, lighting more aesthetic than a conventional bulb, great possibility. color change controlled by a DMX PLC, immersed use (IP68 standard) or out of water.
Our LED projectors are available in 7 colors: cold white, warm white, neutral white, amber, RGB and different optical (10 degrees, 25 & deg; 45 & deg and elliptical) with possibility to mix colors and angles.
They are particularly recommended for the lighting of your fountains, ponds and water jets.

Technical Features: & nbsp;

& bull; Optical & balanced & oacute; am é lior & eacute; & nbsp; - Finishing a concept developed by Mag Instrument, the next generation & raquo; Mag & nbsp; LED flashlight combines a newly re-designed reflector with the LED module platform to take advantage of the intensity. output significantly higher & nbsp;
& Bull; Intelligent Energy System - The Second Generation Mag & reg; LED flashlight includes a sophisticated LED electronic module & oacute; which constantly monitors the balance between brightness and eacute brightness. and high efficiency and efficient use of energy. & nbsp;
& Bull; Robust aluminum construction machined & oacute; with & nbsp; knurled design. & nbsp;
& Bull; ano é & Agrave; the inside and the вra <в et < outside for better corrosion & nbsp; resistance. & nbsp;
& Bull; Water and shock resistant.