These   fountain nozzles are some of the most used in   fountains   jet of water   for their simplicity & oacute; installation and their high aquatic effect taken.

This fountain nozzle does not depend on the water level   of the fountain basin, because it does not cause this water.   On the other hand, it adds a large amount of water. d & rsquo; air & agrave; the water from the submersible pump, which can lead to & Agrave; to determine this   water jet for fountain   as a bubble generator.

Product Features  

  • Ajutage & agrave; foaming effect mixing air / water (aeration)
  • Windproof
  • Independent of the water level
  • Figure the living and contrasting water
  • installation above the surface of the water. H: 140cm
  • Moderate water anim & oacute; and contrast.
  • Compact white foam spray
  • Rich in oxygen
  • Truly stable in the wind

    This fountain is ideal for indoor and outdoor tours

    Fountains are not only deceptive, they help you; create your own dynamic and inspiring water display