Wall of Water

The & nbsp; Water Wall & nbsp; is a multifunction product that can be used & oacute; both for & nbsp; indoor fountains & nbsp; this & gt; it's quiet only for outdoor fountains & nbsp; because of its great resistance to wind.

That's an easy fountain kit & agrave; install & nbsp; the water jets can slide in slide shape on different surfaces such as & nbsp; glass (allowing the projection of images), a natural stone wall, wood and other materials.

In addition, this & nbsp; water wall & nbsp; is a & nbsp; fontain & agrave; low energy consumption & nbsp; since it requires only little pressure and bitrate to work properly.

Blade of water & nbsp;

& nbsp; Nozzles & nbsp; for slides and water films & nbsp; crystal clear water effects , in tulip form, water bell , or & nbsp; form. With the effects son of water, create & nbsp; walls of water , & nbsp; inside or outside , of the most beautiful effect to dress up your vertical surfaces.

Nozzles for films and water slides are ideal for creating & nbsp; secondary water games & nbsp; in a fountain or animate dramatically a & nbsp; decorative basin & agrave; several levels .