Our services


  • Design and landscape integration of your project.

  • Natural bathing ponds.

  • Landscape studies.

  • Construction & civil engineering.

  • Building permit files.

  • Realization of specifications.

  • Technical files.


    Commitment and sense of service

    Anxious to offer quality products and turnkey services, DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN also strives to offer its customers an impeccable quality of service and a "customer commitment" through commercial responsiveness and optimal customer orientation. Listening to the needs of its customers, DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN offers design offices, contractors and companies all the necessary assistance in the creation and production of fountains.

    Help with the installation of your fountain

    At the fountain equipment manufacturing stage, DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN provides its customers with the main plans and / or diagrams necessary for the installation of the fountain: distribution diagram of the distribution boxes, nipples or strainers, electrical wiring diagram for projectors for example, ...


    The company DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN grants a manufacturer's warranty on the conditions mentioned below for a period of one year. The text of this warranty is also attached on paper to the device.

    Period of guarantee

    The warranty period begins on the date of the provisional acceptance of the project and ends with the final acceptance of the project. The warranty period is neither extended nor renewed by guarantee services.

    Content of the guarantee

    Unless expressly stated the contents of the warranty, DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN grants a guarantee within the limits mentioned below: the use of the guarantee of DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN, including the extension of warranty is subject to the obligation for the customer to replace or repair parts with spare parts DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN exclusively, implemented in the rules of art. The DYNAMIC FOUNTAIN warranty becomes void if third-party products are used.

    Terms of the guarantee

    We grant the guarantee at our option either by a free repair, by the free supply of spare parts, or by an equivalent replacement device. If the model concerned is no longer manufactured, we reserve the right to replace the device with a model of our range as close as possible to the damaged device. Compensation for disassembly and assembly, control, lack of profit and damages are not covered by the warranty; all remedies for damages and losses of any kind allegedly caused by the appliance or its use are also excluded.

    Legal rights

    The legal rights of the buyer, and especially those resulting from the legal warranty are not affected by these warranty conditions.

    Vices and damage

    Defects and damage due to faulty assembly or misuse, lack of care, such as the use of unsuitable cleaning products, or negligent maintenance, use not in accordance with destination, damage, shock, frost and other effects, disconnection of connectors or cable, scaling or improper repair attempts are excluded from the warranty.

    Use of the guarantee

    We expressly refer to the correct use in accordance with the instructions for use, the observance of which is the condition sine qua non for the use of the guarantee. Wear parts, such as lighting devices, are not covered by the warranty, they are indicated in the instructions for use of the products.